About Scholarships奨学金について

Scholarship application

The scholarship is destined for children of foreign parents who reside in Hyogo Prefecture and are going to enter Japanese high school.
They will be entitled to 15.000 yen a month, as a general rule, during the 3-year duration.

The purpose of this scholarship is to help prospective senior high school students who have roots abroad but currently live in Japan and may have to give up their studies due to financial difficulties.
This Scholarship Program aims to help these children keep their hopes for the future, which may also influence other children with similar backgrounds.

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About Scholarships

1.Number of scholarship students to be accepted Approximately Four people
2.Award amount ¥15,000 for each month

To receive the scholarship, you must meet ALL of the following requirements:

  1. If any of following requirements below apply
    ・Do not possess Japanese nationality yourself,
    ・Have a parent who does not possess Japanese nationality.
    ・Have a parent who acquires Japanese nationality.
  2. Have financial difficulties.
  3. Be registered in Hyogo Prefecture when enrolled in high school.
  4. Be a prospective senior high school or Kosen student (starting in April 2023) who has a strong intention to graduate. (You may have to repay the scholarship money if you drop out)
  5. Be willing to participate in events and in our support activities for children with a foreign background, attend seminars, and other events.

※Please contact us for individual circumstances.

4.Application Process

Application Period: Every year in March, accepted via mail (applications are possible even if your choice of school hasn’t been confirmed yet).

Evaluation Method: Document review followed by an interview.

Selection of Scholarship Recipients: Around early April.

5.Roots of Previous Scholarship Recipients China, Vietnam, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, Brazil, Nepal, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, United States, Hong Kong, Indonesia.
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