About “ばいゆー”

“ばいゆー”Website for symbiotic society that bonds local community

This website has been launched for the purpose that any residents including those who have foreign backgrounds can live with peace of mind and comfortably while respecting each person’s rights and ways of thinking. Useful information in daily life, information for mutual understandings, and information for cooperation between local residents will be posted on the website.

Useful Information

This website will post a series of information that foreigners would like to know which help choosing something or making any decisions in daily life. Please tell us any of your request topics by using the question form.

Mutual Understandings

We will post interview articles of foreign residents or locally based groups in order to provide all of you opportunities to understand each other as neighbors while removing any biases or stereotypes.

  • Why and how they had moved to Kobe
  • Experiences in Japan and life stories
  • Anything working on right now and any thoughts regarding them


We will post information regarding opportunities of cooperation between foreign residents and Japanese residents so that anyone can live with peace of mind and comfortably while developing relationships of trust and respecting each other.

  • Information regarding volunteering activities that foreign residents can join
  • Promotion of any skills or techniques that foreign residents have based on their various experiences and talents

Concept of this website

The name of this website “ばいゆー(Baiyu)” has two meanings derived from English. The first meaning is “an extremely slow-moving stream”, commonly found around the region of Mississippi River Delta in the United States. It consists of wetland that includes brackish water and is famous for its fertile land which is home to various animals and plants such as crawfish, shrimp, shellfish, catfish or alligators under the environment of abundant plankton. Around the area, there are many minor branches from the mainstream, resulting in great nature. Thanks to the fertile land, civilization has been developed around the area.

In Kobe, historically there have been many people from various countries including those who have lived here for many years, those who will live here for many years, or even including those who were born and grew up here. In this situation of variety, we should not understand people through biases or stereotypes because people have each different cultural, historical or individual backgrounds even when some of them come from the same country or region. It will be a key to the symbiotic society where anyone can live with peace of mind and comfortably that we make efforts on developing a relationship of trust while trying to understand each other as neighbors. On this website, we would like to play a role to help development of symbiotic society by taking an importance on variety while expanding the wave of supporting foreigners, mutual understandings and cooperation just like “ばいゆー(Baiyu)” which is home to various animals and plants with its fertile land.

Another meaning is “By you”. The wave of supporting foreigners, mutual understandings, and cooperation will be expanded from the thoughts and actions of each of you. Thoughts and actions of each one will be important.

Photo taken by JamesDeMers. Pixabay