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How to write a resume when applying to a job

How to write a resume when applying to a job

Resume is important for a company to know about you. When writing a resume in Japanese style, don’t you have any problems? Today we will explain how to write a resume well in Japanese style.

○What is resume?
First, please write down your basic information including your name, age, address and contact method, followed by your educational and occupational background (where you studied and where you have worked). Then, you will write about “Reason for application”. On the part of the reason for application, you will briefly mention what you would like to do at the company and how you can contribute to the company. The explanation needs to be short and easy to understand.

Resume sheet can be bought at bookstore or stationary store. If you do not have a confidence with hand writing, making digital resume using computer is also fine although hand writing is generally considered better since it can tell your high motivation to the job and your efforts to write.

○Basis of writing a resume
Sentences and words should be written carefully in proper usage. If you do not have a confidence, we recommend you to ask other people to have a double check. Even if you are not good at writing, it is still fine. Your efforts will make your evaluation from the company better.

When you write a resume, please use black ballpoint pen and avoid using pencil or mechanical pencil which are erasable. If you make any mistakes, please write a resume again from the beginning instead of using correction liquid or putting two lines.

Lastly, when you write, please use polite form “~desu, ~masu” instead of “~da”, “~dearu”.

○Picture on a resume
Picture is important to tell the company good impression of you. For the picture of a resume, you should wear suits. The background is blue or white. Only front upper body will should be seen on the picture, looking forward without wearing hat. The picture should be newer than 3 months ago from now with color.

Picture can be taken either at a professional photo studio or an identification photo machine.

The size is vertically 4cm and horizontally 3cm. When you paste the picture on a resume, please use glue instead of tapes. Also, just in case of peeling off, please write down your name on the back side of your picture.

○How to write “basic information” on a resume
The date on the top is the date when you put it into post or the date when you bring it to the interview instead of the date when you are writing it. The year needs to be following either Japanese calendar or western calendar. They cannot be used together. For example, if you use Japanese calendar on the date of birth, please use Japanese calendar at the latter part of resume as well. For address, if you live in the apartment or mansion, please mention your room number.

○Educational career and occupational career
School and company name should be written with full name at chronological order. For example, if you graduated from high school and university, you will start writing from high school. The writing style will be “A school 入学(にゅうがく:means entrance)”, and “A school 卒業(そつぎょう:means graduation)”.

For university, please clearly mention faculty, course and major you belonged. For occupational career, the writing style will be “B company 入社(にゅうしゃ:means joined)”, “B company 退社(たいしゃ:means left)” Department you belonged should also be mentioned. When you complete writing down all information, please write “以上(いじょう:means that’s all)”.

For your reference, although it is not necessary to mention your career of part time jobs, if it is related to the applying job, you can mention it.

○Licenses and qualifications
It is important to tell the company you are applying what kind of skills you have. For example, driver’s license and language skills are often mentioned here. (Japanese, English, Chinse, Vietnamese, etc) If you are qualified at a certain level such as N1, N2 or N3, you can also mention it in detail.) Additionally, computer skills such as Word, Excel, Power Point are also good to be mentioned.

○Reason for application
Please mention why you are applying to the company. The writing style will be “I can contribute to your company because I have experienced ×× and I have a skill of ○○.” Also what you would like to do at the company can also be mentioned.

The company you are applying is called “貴社(きしゃ)” on a resume, which is a kind of respect form.

At this part, it is important to start writing after studying and understanding well about the company and the detail of job offer.

○Other points
There will be spaces for your commuting time, family information or any preference of the job. You may mention any request if you have, such as “I would like to work at the sales department.”.

After finishing to write a resume, please make a double check and correct any mistakes. It will be good if you can ask anyone to have a look.

It is recommended to make a copy of the resume before sending to the company in order to prepare for the interview.

The method of writing a resume is also introduced on the webpage of FUTABA International Center.

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