Privacy Policy

Based on the recognition that protecting personal information is important and belongs to social responsibility, NPO Kobe Foreigners Friendship Center (KFC) (hereinafter called “KFC”) establishes a privacy policy and shall properly deal with and protect personal information as mentioned below.

Collecting, using and providing personal information

  • Collecting personal information When we collect personal information, we will make its purpose clear and get the approval of the person beforehand.
  • Using and providing personal information When using and providing personal information, its usage is limited only purposes which are mentioned beforehand.

Respecting personal rights

KFC respect personal rights regarding personal information. We will respond to any requests of sharing personal information from the person who provide it in the rational period of time and to the reasonable extent. If any errors are found in the personal information, we will correct it as soon as possible in the rational period of time only when we are sure that the request is made from the person.

The proper management of personal information

When dealing with the collected personal information, KFC will take proper and safety measures to prevent illegal accesses, alternations, destructions, leakages and losses.

Compliance of laws and other regulations

KFC will obey any laws and other regulations which are effective to personal information.

The continuous improvement of protecting personal information

KFC will make efforts on improving the detail of privacy policy.

September 30th2021
NPO Kobe Foreigners Friendship Center (KFC)