Report of Kobe Ukrainian Refugee Support Activity

Report of Kobe Ukrainian Refugee Support Activity

We held Kobe Ukrainian Refugee Support Activity on April 3rd, 10th and 17th at Kobe International Community Center and the square in front of JR Shin-nagata Station. Many people visited our activities-Study session, Fund-raising activity and Bazaar.

Approximately 150 people-including those who joined using ZOOM-attended the study sessions. We learnt about “Supporting displaced people in Ukraine and its neighboring countries” and “The historical background of Ukraine” as well as “The current situation of refugees in the world and how to support them”. This is in order to let people more concerned about the refugees in the world and understand the situation.

Around 40 people including students and company workers volunteered to help us. Thanks to them, there were so many visitors and we were able to raise 400 thousand yen through this fund raising activity and bazaar. This fund raised will be donated to UNICEF.

Thanks to the report on newspapers and TV programs, many people have sent us dishes, clothes, books and other daily goods. Some people even sent us their hand-made goods such as post cards with illustration and small bags. There were letters attached, saying for example; I am an old lady aged 84. Although what I can do is limited, I send you my goods for people in need.” I really appreciate their supports.

A certain number of people from Ukraine has already evacuated to Kobe. It is expected that there will need many kind of supports including food, clothing and shelter as  well as getting jobs, going to schools and making a community. We will continue to consider what is needed and move it into practice.

Kobe Ukrainian Refugee Support Activity
A person in charge  Oishi Takayuki