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Recycling plastic resources

Recycling plastic resources

Do you know about recycling?
Everyone should have heard of it, but do you know about it in detail?
Recycling is making a new product by utilizing a used product as a resource.
For example, papers, cans, plastic bottles and other plastic products can be recycled.

Recently, so-called “ocean debris” is considered as a serious problem in the world. Plastic-made garbage especially has a negative impact on the environment because it is not biodegradable in the natural world. It is often the case that marine lives mistakenly eat it and got sick and die. On the other hand, reducing plastic garbage and recycling it is currently getting an attention especially after plastic bags became not free on July 2020.

Since plastic products is recyclable, it is important to dispose them according to the rules. For example, in Kobe city the following plastic products are recyclable.

Food trays(styrofoam) and transparent cases become new food trays.












Plastic bottles become transparent food trays. (Labels and caps should be separated)

Cushioning materials become new cushioning materials.

Caps of plastic bottles, transparent CD/DVD cases, plastic buckets will become planters and benches.
















A recycling station is now open at 2ned floor of Futaba Gakusha. (Nov. 4th 2021 to Jan, 30th 2022)
Now there is a campaign that you will be able to get bags of burnable garbage if you bring plastic garbage to the station for five times.
You can also bring unwanted clothes, plastic toys, potteries (plates or cups) to the station. Besides, you can bring back home whatever you find needed from the station.

For detail, please visit the following link. (written in Japanese)

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