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Shin-nagata library “Asia Corner”

Shin-nagata library “Asia Corner”

Shin-nagata Library has “Asian Corner” since 2002, where you can read books related to Asian countries such as South Korea, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Mongolia, and Indonesia. Started from Korean books, Shin-nagata Library has increased its books year by year. According to the chief of the library, even now the library buys new books regularly.

There are a variety of genres including tourism, languages, dictionaries, comics, novels, essays, hand craft, cooking, cultures, magazines, etc. Besides, children also can enjoy reading picture books. In addition to that, you will be able to learn the history of regional diversity of cultures by reading books such as books related to “Korean people in Nagata area”.

In the Asian Corner, there is a corner of “Incheon city, Korea”, which has approx. 190 Korean novels and poems written by people in Incheon, and literary works by Japanese famous novelists which are translated to Korean.

Incheon city was designated as “World Book Capital” by UNESCO in 2015. “World Book Capital” is a city designated by UNESCO every year in order to celebrate “World Book and Copyright Day (April 23rd)”. Incheon city and Kobe city established a relationship of sister city on April 2010. Celebrating the 5th anniversary of it, the mayor of Incheon city visited Kobe city in 2015 and donated those 190 books to Shin-nagata library as a memory.

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There are especially many Korean books and Chinese books. It will be helpful for people who are learning foreign languages. Children also can enjoy reading picture books. Besides, it is important that the library has books through which we can learn the history of regional diversity of culture. For example, a book “Learning the history of Korean people in Japan” (2017, Sairyu-sha) introduces the historical background of Nagata and Korean people, which helps you to understand more about the regional society.

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