Who we are私たちについて

FUTABA International Center (FIC) founded on June 2019 is a community center aiming to realize multicultural symbiotic society where is accessible for any citizens of Kobe regardless of their nationalities and ages.

FIC, whose concept is “to promote multicultural symbiotic society by cooperating with local communities”,
is founded by Kobe International Center for Cooperation and Communication (KIC) as the facility to complement Kobe International Community Center(KICC) at the west part of Kobe.

The main activities of FIC are as follows;

  • Japanese learning class
  • Life guidance for people who have just moved to Kobe
  • Interaction activities between people from different countries for mutual understandings and better living environment at Kobe
  • Development of human resources to support people from all over the world

We hope that FIC will be loved by local communities and many people visit us to enjoy our activities.

News & Topicsお知らせ

Business contents事業内容

Guidance of living information​

We hold life guidance seminars for people who have just moved to Kobe to be able to live safely and happily.
The topic of the seminars includes the method of garbage disposal, how to get driving license, the introduction of employment insurance, industrial injury insurance, healthcare, pension, emergency management, education etc

Interaction activities between people from different countries for mutual understandings

We hold interaction activities to promote mutual understandings between people from various cultural backgrounds living in Kobe.

<Interaction for mutual understandings>
Cultural experiences such as field work, learning Japanese calligraphy, wearing experience of ethnic costumes

<Interaction space>
Free space is available for studying or learning Japanese with free Wi-Fi.
A meeting space is also available on the reservation basis.

<Human Cinema Screening>
Watch movies and documentary dramas picturing various countries and cultures.

Training course to be Japanese teachers

A series of training courses to become Japanese volunteer teachers will be held by experienced lecturers.
The topic includes how to teach Japanese well and how we can understand and respect each cultural backgrounds of people who come to learn Japanese.

Training course for lecturing on multi-culture (International Guest Teachers)

The training courses to become multi-cultural teachers will be held mainly for international students who have higher proficiency of Japanese(higher than N2).
In the courses, students will learn proper and useful expressions of Japanese that they can use to introduce their own cultures at children centers or elementary schools near FIC.

Project NIHONGO(Japanese language)​

We provide opportunities to learn Japanese needed for smoothly communicating with your neighbors so that you can live safely and happily by yourself in Kobe.

Support project for the refugees from Myanmar(the third country resettlement)

We support the refugees who migrated from Myanmar on Mar 2019 to be able to live at ease in Kobe by providing Japanese classes and comfortable community.​

Support project for Japanese war orphans and their family who remained in China after WWⅡ

Recently they have been facing more difficulties on their daily lives due to aging. We help them by opening Japanese classes
and interaction activities.


Futaba Gakusha
7-1-18, Futaba-cho, Nagata-ward, Kobe-city, Hyogo-prefecture

Opening Hour

Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat … 10:00-20:00​
Tue, Sun, Hol … 10:00-17:00​

Close:Mon, New Year (Dec.28-Jan.5)
(FIC will open if Monday is public holiday.
In that case, we close on the next Tuesday)


13 min walk from JR/subway Shin-Nagata Sta. to south, or 6 min walk from subway Komagabayashi Sta. to west​