Life Guidance ~50 important words for your children’s school life~2022.02.18

Have you found any difficult words in letters from school?
Do you have any questions about school?
Do you know what your children will study at school?
We will introduce vocabulary used at school and school cultures.

Dates:Mar 23 rd (Wed), 25 th (Fri)、26 th (Sat)、27 th (Sun)
Location:FUTABA International Center 〒653-0042
               Kobe-shi, Nagata-ku, Futaba-cho 7-1-18 Futaba Gakusha 1-5
Fee:Free(0 yen)
Application is required by either of following ways;
1. Google Form<>
2. TEL 078-747-0280 (closed on Monday)
3. E-mail 【Deadline : Mar 20 th (Sun)】
Please tell us following information for application.
1. Name 2. Phone number 3. E-mail Address 4. Day to join
5. Name of your children’s school 6. Request of interpretation
*In some cases we may not be able to meet your needs.
*Please bring letters from school if you want to ask questions in detail.
*You can also join the guidance via Online (ZOOM).