Life Guidance Alarms and Advisories, Preparation for disasters2022.09.02

Do you know about alarms and advisories?

Do you know where to evacuate when a disaster

such as earthquake occurs?

Do you know Hazard Map?

Why don’t you join our life guidance to learn about disaster prevention and mitigation?


  • Sep 24th (Sat)18:00-18:45
  • Sep 25th (Sun)11:30-12:15
  • Sep 29th (Thu)13:00-13:45


Reservation is required by phone call, E-mail or Google Form.

Please tell us your  1.Name 2.Phone number   3.E-mail address 4.Request of interpretation service *We may not always be able to meet your needs.


Location:FUTABA International Center




FUTABA International Center 

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