Call for supporter (donator) for KOBE lantern festival 2023

Call for supporter (donator) for KOBE lantern festival 2023

KOBE lantern festival 2023 will be held on Friday October 13th and Saturday October 14th. Then, we are looking for supporters (donators) for this festival.

KOBE lantern festival 2023

Sponsored by NPO Kobe Friendship Center (KFC) , Cosponsored by Futaba Gakusya

Date: Friday October 13th  and Saturday October 14th 2023 16:30~20:30

*Lantern exhibition at Taisho-suji Shopping Street is held from October 6th to October 14th.

Location:Lantern exhibition →around Futaba Gakusha, Taisho-suji Shopping Street (Entrance arcade and in front of Kobe International Community Center KICC)

Festival→Futaba Gakusya 2-A, free space, around Futaba Gakusha, KICC

The number of expected participants: 5000 persons for two days (Festival avenue)

Lanterns are equipment which are hung for decoration or special events. Including foreign habitats and children, people with various cultural backgrounds and relations with Nagata paint lanterns with their own sense and illuminate them at night. Various patterns and colorful lanterns create the atmosphere of Asian countries.


In Taisho-suji Shopping Street, about 1000 lanterns are displayed from one week before. Also, we are planning “parent-child festival”. It has stages and booths which are enjoyable for parents and children. In this event, people who painted lantern can visit and see their lanterns are exhibited. The part of cost of buying lantern and equipment are paid by private subsidies, but more than half of cost will be paid by sponsor. Your support is needed to continue the action for regional vitalization. I appreciate your cooperation.


Companies/Groups: 5,000 yen per a share   Individuals: 2,000 yen per a share

The names of donors for this event will be written in a piece of paper and displayed at the avenue of parent-child festival.

If you would like to apply for a Lantern Supporter, please apply from the Google Form below.(This Google Form is written in Japanese) 

<Application, Inquiry>

NPO Kobe Foreigners Friendship Center(KFC)

〒653-0038 Kobe-shi, Nagata-ku, Wakamatsu-cho 4-4-10 Asutakuesta Kitatou 502


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