Life Guidance ~about TAX~2022.07.15

Why do we need to pay taxes?

What will happen if we miss to pay taxes?


Date:July 27th (Wed) Time:11:15~12:00

Location:FUTABA International Center 〒653-0042

     Kobe-shi, Nagata-ku, Futaba-cho 7-1-18 Futaba Gakusha1-5



Reservation is required via following ways. (up to 10 people)

   1. Google Form

 <20227月 生活(せいかつ)ガイダンス Life Guidance 生活小指南 Hướng dẫn cuộc sống – Google フォーム>
       2. TEL 078-747-0280 (We close on Mondays.)  


Please tell us following information to make a reservation.
1. Name 2. Phone  3.  E-mail 4. Request for interpretation support *we may not be able to fully cover your needs.