Life Guidance Covid-19 Vaccination2022.02.18

Support for vaccination against Covid-19 is available.

Location : FUTABA International Center 653-0042
       Kobe-shi, Nagata-ku, Futaba-cho 7-1-18 Futaba Gakusha 1-5
Schedule : Feb18th(Fri) to Mar18th(Fri)
Available Time :10:00-17:00
Fee : Free(0円)
Availability of multilingual support
➢ English:Tue・Wed・Thu・Fri・Sat(10:00-17:00)
➢ Chinese:Tue・Wed・Thu・Fri・Sat(10:00-17:00)
➢ Vietnamese:Thu(10:30-14:30)
➢ Korean:Wed(11:30-17:00)・Sat(16:00-17:00)
※Please let us know if you need help in other languages.
※Online(ZOOM) support is also available.

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